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ZetaTalk: Sight or Sound
Note: written Oct 15, 1995.

Humans giving The Call are in the main desiring action, results, and physical confirmation that their call has been answered. What they get is a discussion or advice. The media, however, plays to human desires by portraying alien communications to humans via electronic devices - speaking through the telephone, tapping out a message on the teletype, or via a talking head on the TV screen. This never occurs, as since the advent of electronic devices the rules have been such that visitations are to occur in the subconscious. This rule was put into place when the results of the Earth's orientation poll were in. This poll, taken more or less in the mid 1940's, established that the entities of Earth leaned overwhelmingly in the direction of Service-to-Others. During Transformations, once this poll has been taken, nothing is allowed that will upset this balance. Thus, no full recall of any alien visitations, in any form. Could electronic replication of aliens have been presented in the past, prior to this poll? Indeed this vehicle could have been used, had electronics been in place in the past, just as today screen memories of deer or owls are used by ourselves to mask a visitation.

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