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ZetaTalk: Leveling Wars
Note: written May 15, 1996.

Within the Service-to-Self all-out battles for supremacy occur when superiority is not clear. Both want to be top dog, and the ruling masters are willing to send in and sacrifice their minions. This situation needs no explanation, as human wars are equivalent in most respects. Warfare in human history has been as brutal as the restraints on the warlords will allow. They want at their command virtual killing machines who have no remorse or hesitation, but what human warlords most often get are procrastinating generals and deserting troops, even when the mission can be cloaked in humanitarian terms. Soldiers hesitate to kill, and generals hope for compromise or a bloodless capitulation. But what if there were no reluctance or hesitation, as where there is no remorse one does not hesitate. What if the warlords on both sides had their perfect soldiers? Put this emotional climate into the high tech arena that exists in 4th Density and what follows is a Service-to-Self leveling war. It is called thus as this is the result, the survivors ultimately finding their level in relationship to the other group, with one standing above the other.

In these wars the soldiers are not motivated out of loyalty or a commitment to ideals, they are all like gladiators - kill or be killed. A soldier who refuses to be the perfect killing machine for his master is made an example, and a quick and painless death is out of the question. Human wars see the use of biological weapons such as nerve gas, nuclear bombs, maiming devices such as mines, psychological weapons such as reminders of home and comfort, and various wearing techniques such as starvation. Intergalactic wars between Service-to-Self groups are more brutal and direct, with complete destruction in the wink of an eye the goal.

Thus, the Service-to-Self groups, when establishing their pecking order, frequently brutalize and decimate each other, just as establishing the pecking order within a Service-to-Self group results in brutality and maiming if not death. The pecking order is thus established, and maintained with the same heavy handed methods so that a visitor to a Service-to-Self camp would think it remarkably peaceful, not seeing what came before. Service-to-Self ranks are rebuilt from the orphanages where all their youngsters are raised, procreation temporarily stepped up until the count of physical bodies approximates the 4th Density Service-to-Self entities incarnating within the group. All is peaceful again until some factor or another changes the power structure. All this is viewed from afar by Service-to-Others groups, who are aware of the battles but as they cannot be affected, essentially disinterested.

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