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ZetaTalk: Star Child Engagements
Note: written Jun 15, 1996.

If the rules require alien visitors to place the human who issues The Call in charge, then what occurs when a Star Child gives The Call? Where a Star Child may be living in a human body, and may be mingling about on Earth in a 3rd Density level, they are never from this level. Star Children are service minded higher entities that come from 4th, 5th, 6th, or even higher densities on rare occasions to do service. Thus, they are placed in the same category as alien visitors, as in truth they are visitors, and the Rules of Engagement rather than the Rule of Non-Interference applies. For the Star Child, this presents a complicated scenario, as the Council's rule regarding visitations being only in the subconscious also applies. Thus the Star Child may agree to engage, but the engagement must be conducted in such a manner that the human is unaware. In most cases this is resolved by an Out-Of-Body excursion, as this leaves the human body unaffected and unaware.

Star Children do not give The Call, they give an invitation to engage. However, they can receive The Call from humans nearby, and can respond while Out-Of-Body or in their human form. If they receive an invitation to engage, either from another Star Child or an alien visitor, they can refuse or accept. Thus it is a possible scenario that a Star Child, operating in the Service-to-Others, could encounter a walk-in in the Service-to-Self possessing a human body, and do battle. All this must occur in a manner where the humans caught in this drama are unaware of anything but what seems to be human affairs. A tricky situation indeed.

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