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ZetaTalk: Exceptions
Note: written Dec 15, 1996.

The one rule that holds true is that for every rule there is an exception, and the Rule of Non-Interference is no exception. Once a vote has been taken, preparatory to the Transformation that a 3rd Density world is to take, exceptions can occur. The results of the vote are not to be tipped, and situations that would include the outcome to be other than the vote do receive interference. This is akin to a traveler, once having determined the itinerary, tolerating no interference with the travel plans. Perhaps the traveler could not take the train, as planned, but can transfer his ticket to voyage by ship. Perhaps the traveler could not hike in the Alps, as planned, due to weather problems, but finds the same vistas and exercise on a nearby mountain range. All in all, the end result is the same.

Interference in all cases must come before the Council of Worlds and be justified. It is not simply enough to point out that the Service-to-Self are winning in this area or another, an upset to the overall balance must be demonstrated. Thus, given the heated nature of falsehoods spread in South America purporting abductions by blood-sucking aliens, the Brazilian Roswell scenario was approved, bypassing the rule that all human encounters with aliens should be recorded only in the subconscious. An exception was also granted for the original Roswell incident, which led to conscious contact with US government personnel and ultimately resulted in the formation of MJ12. MJ12 personnel, of course, encounter aliens frequently in the course of their duties, and are fully conscious of these encounters - a continuing exception that was granted by the Council when they approved the Roswell proposal.

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