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ZetaTalk: Mixed Setting
Note: written Oct 15, 2000.

There is often a great deal of confusion over alien rules, such as those the Council of Worlds administers, as they apply to visitations and the alien presence on Earth or within its solar system. This confusion has its base in human rules, those in operation and in place as a result of human society or human nature, and mixing the two sets of rules together. They donít seem to fit, and indeed they do not fit, as they are two separate sets of rules.

The 3rd Density lesson, as we have explained, is to determine oneís orientation - Service-to-Self or Service-to-Others. This is a brief density, as densities go, usually involving only a few thousand incarnations before the entity makes its determination. The determination evolves bit by bit, as life circumstances place the entity in situations where the self would have to be sacrificed in some way for the betterment of others. As incarnations pass, the entity experiences various situations and gains the capacity for empathy, having been there and so able to imagine what another is experiencing. Self sacrifice for another also takes many forms, from a momentary hunger or a bruise to complete loss of life, from allowing another to take credit for an accomplishment to being exiled and expelled from the clan for a crime one did not commit. The many nuances of being Service-to-Self or to Service-to-Others are explored, testing the gradually emerging orientation of the entity. Should this process be interfered with, and would such an interference speed the process or be of benefit?

The Rule of Non-Interference here is akin to examinations that students take, to determine their level of understanding or knowledge. During such school exams, students are not allowed to speak to one another or pass notes, nor are outsiders allowed in to confer with the students. This is a test, to determine readiness to move onto another level. In a like manner, interfering with 3rd Density experiences by swooping in to save an entity from a bad choice or a circumstance they should, in fact, experience, delays the evolution of the lesson. 3rd Density entities are supposed to experience distressing circumstances, so they are put to the test both for their own self examination as well as for those spiritual guides watching the process. When visitations are allowed, due to The Call being given, or where conferring with the birthing guides occurs between incarnations, this is not considered interference but a review and a discussion of what has occurred. This is akin to talking over an emotionally charged situation with a friend over coffee or a beer, or seeking a consultation over a problem one has already experienced. The entity is still making the decisions on their own life.

Where alien visitations or the close proximity of other 3rd Density groups interfer with the entity being allowed to make their own decisions, based on a level playing field, the Council of Worlds steps in and institutes rules governing visitations or a quarantine. This is akin to allowing a student to go to the toilet during an exam, but not allowing conferences or discussion in the hall during such a break from the exam. A balanced playing field is one in which the 3rd Density entity's decision, in the main, affects the outcome, not where the outcome has been skewed to influence their decision. Thus, a decision to hord food and not share, during starvation periods, means only that others weaken and sicken and die, not that the hording one becomes king and can rule because alien visitors are arranging this setup. The alien visitors, if of the Service-to-Self orientation, can only suggest that a contactee do this or that, not arrange the setting or affect the outcome, directly. This is why a mass landing, which would terrify humans, will not be allowed. This is why an escape to Mars by the elite during the coming pole shift, which would allow those humans to avoid the life circumstance before them, will not be allowed.

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