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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written Feb 24, 2007 on the live GodlikeProduction live chat.

Can the Zetas comment on the significant change in fortunes of the Bush crowd this week? OKC bombing revelations, Blair bringing troops home from Iraq, McCain attacking Rumsfeld, Japan attacking Cheney, Government in Italy falling due to Iraq, etc. Is this the beginning of the rats turning that the Zetas have mentioned?

We have mentioned that the rats will turn on each other as their collective fortunes fail. We have mentioned that countries will turn their sights inward, toward internal problems and concerns, not outward as toward war, as crop shortages decrease supplies and their respective populace becomes restless. This trend has just started! Japan was deserted when Bush chose to attack Iraq instead of deal with N Korea, and then troops were withdrawn from S Korea to go to Iraq, and then Japan bases were emptied to move to Guam, and then, the final blow, Bush made a deal with N Korea in order to gain diplomatic stature in the world. Japan is not fooled, they know they will not gain in ANY future moves the US plans to make. Their only tool is to retaliate in monies invested in the US, buying Bush's worthless bonds. In politics, of course the Republicans will increasingly attack Bush and Cheney, as they cannot help in future elections and the Democrats have shown that they can win, big, just pointing to their failures. The countries that joined the coalition of the 'willing', as they were termed, were often bribed and threatened. Both bribes and threats have lost their clout as Bush cannot deliver the oil, and is being chased out of Iraq, the US military beaten and broken, before the world.

Is the large sinkhole in Central America that appeared this week more evidence of the stretch zone effects? [and from another] Giant Sinkhole in Guatemala [Feb 23] Two teenagers were killed when the giant 330-foot-deep sinkhole in a Guatemala City neighborhood swallowed up several homes and at least one truck. Residents of the neighborhood say others are still missing but it has not yet been confirmed. The giant sinkhole is emitting foul odors, loud noises from below are being heard and tremors are shaking the surrounding ground. When a rush of water was heard from its depths the authorities feared it could widen or others could open up. Apparently residents had been hearing noises and feeling tremors for about a month waking them from their sleep until this morning when the giant sinkhole claimed everything on its surface.

We have explained in great detail the pre-shift quakes that will occur, the manner in which the plates of the crust will move. S America is nailed at the tip, as N America is at its top, unable to roll due to the straight line from Japan to Iceland that locks it. Thus, as the Atlantic widens at the Equator, S America rolls to the West, crushing Central American and the Caribbean while it does so. N Americ pulls diagonally, a situation that will soon erupt creating quakes and sinking ground and disaster in almost every State of the Union. For Central America, such a horror as a 330 foot deep sinkhold, hardly caused by a broken sewer line, is just the start. The question for those trying to placate their nervous heart over this matter should ask, 'what caused the sewer line to break, in the first place?'

Are all transformations as difficult as the Earth's seems to be? There are so many significant, intractable problems facing us now it at times seems hopeless. Why are people incarnating now when humans in the main will die off going forward? Why not just wait for hybrid bodies?

The answer is simple. Because the purpose of your life on Earth is not to preserve your life. It is for spiritual lessons, which often occur fastest under stressful conditions. These are environments where the soul leaps to high ends, to help others even at risk of putting the self in danger. These are environments where the selfish clarify their aims, realizing they are out only for themselves, despite their words, when push comes to shove. If you are wishing to ditch out and move on to hybrid bodies, you will not be doing so, as you are not a Service-to-Other soul! Your next incarnation is as an amphibious octopusoctopi, at best, as if you are Service-to-Self, then your next incarnation may be any type of lifeform, on a very unpleasant planet.

Could Zetas comment about the thread "Tsunami from outer space" and the 9 March as the date of the event? Galactic wave in March to destroy allot of things. ESA Guy. Is it happening as he says?

There have been numerous instances of late attempting to explain what is about to become evident, on Earth, in other than Planet X terms. ZetaTalk, which stated that Planet X came into the inner solar system in 2003 but was shrouded by dust and lost in the Sun's glare, has been subject to disinformation campaigns since the day it was born in 1995. The last thing the establishment wants is for ZetaTalk to be proven correct! Thus, as quakes increase, volcanoes explode, continents rip apart in the manner we have predicted, and weather irregularities continue in the manner we predicted in 1995 when only ZetaTalk was discussing these matters, they are in a panic. This is not the first, nor will it be the last such attempt to capture the Internet in an 'explanation' for the Earth changes, all of which avoid mention of ZetaTalk. By posturing as an employee of ESA, this disinfo source seeks to gain credibility. It has long been known, in the astronomical community, that the ESA was rebellious against NASA's rule and strong arm tactics. But as we have stated, anyone in the astronomical community who would be posting on message boards, or speaking out, would find themselves eliminated before they could make the move. They are literally tailed, their internet connections controlled, and warned. If they are fools, they are dead. If they are not fools, and want to live, they fester in silence.

Please comment on the bones of Jesus in the hands of the Jews in NYC.

The bones of Jesus are not in anyone's hands, as he was burried in such a natural way that they have long disappeared in the manner of nature's creatures who die and return to dust.

Prince Harry is apparently going to the front line in Iraq according to the news. Is this some sort of publicity stunt, or is there more to Prince Harry than meets the eye? Is he really going to be sent there? And does the removal of British troops In Iraq to Afghanistan have anything to do with this?

If you were royalty, and were disgusted with the conduct of your family and your countries leaders, what would you do? The Queen, as we have mentioned, was at the helm of Diana's death. Blair clearly does not have the countries welfare in mind when he cooperates endlessly as Bush's poodle. Prince Harry is aware he could die or be maimed, but he is creating a conflict in Blair and the Royal family, which he is personally aware are looking out for themselves at the present time. He may not have been briefed on the presence of Planet X, but is aware of travel plans for the royal family, to ditch out and leave the country to its fate. This is a protest, the only one he can make!

I have recently been monitoring the outer rim of the Big Dipper (which should point to the north star, Polaris). At 7:00 pm the pointer is almost exactly at 0 degrees (N) and the Dipper is just above the horizon. AT 6:00 am the pointer is at 60 to 70 degrees (ENE) and the Dipper is just about at 12:00 position. Could the Zetas comment? [and from another] At 7:00 pm, Ursa Major should be about 30-35 degrees East. At 6:00 am, Ursa Major should be at about 300 deg, WNW, not ENE as you state. Seems your observations are not what Skymap expects.

We have stated that close observation by the astute would show things are not normal, and this is an example!

Now that it's one day before February 25, 2007, would the Zetas care to comment on what they meant by mankind no longer being blind by this date? Does it have to do with the weather being absolutely ridiculous this year? I figured it might have been about the sweeping arms of the sun causing adjustments because 6.5 weeks ago was the day of the Earth Farts, so I figured this sweep would also cause an adjustment but nothing seemed to occur. [and from another] what was said Sep 30, 2006 by the Zetas Earth is missing from this Crop Circle as the fact that the Earth was to halt in her orbit when Planet X came near the Sun was to be information kept from the establishment. ... Certainly, anyone privy to this interpretation will realize that something is being covered up, by this date, as mankind will no longer be blind. We are not getting into specifics re this warning, as usual, so as not to alert the establishment to what they should issue disinformation on.

We stated, in our criptic answer to this question, that we would not be specific so as not to warn the establishment. When Earth changes, or signs in the sky, emerge that they were not anticipating, they stumble, are obvious, and the cover-up quickly generated looks crude. Look to the recent Discover Channel expose on chemtrails. They are all 'normal'. Were such things about in the past? They have just alerted the populace who was unaware to start looking and wondering! The clear sense that they are witnessing a coverup, but of what. Now you have people looking to the skies, where what was hoped would acceptance that their view was being fogged! If the view is being fogged, then why? Now many will notice that the constellations are not correct, the Moon not in the right place, and the planets in the solar system not quite where expected either! Oops! Foot in mouth, shot self in foot, disease, once again!

Special on the Discovery Channel: Chemical Contrails, Feb 23 and Mar 4, 2007. After more than eight years of controversy and censorship, the Discovery Channel is set to bring "chemtrails" into living rooms across North America. The producers ask: "What is in those fuel emissions, and what causes them to linger for hours and link up with one another like a ghostly blanket that seems to affect the weather and perhaps our health?" Are lingering jet trails seen by millions of people "potentially toxic chemical trails emitted intentionally as part of secret geo-engineering experiments or weather-weaponization tests?" To answer these questions, "Best Evidence" has spent months asking "experts and passionate observers on both sides" to present their best evidence exposing decades of weather modification experiments. [and from another] Why the hell are they claiming its in the fuel? Its just like a scaled up crop duster, the chemicals and fuel are not mixed together, they are coming from separate tanks on the aircrafts. Where's the mention of the white, unmarked planes? The main thing they did as testing goes, was to compare commercial airline fuel to kerosene, to show if aluminum was in the commercial airline fuel. Which of course it was not.

What was the purpose of the recent Discovery Channel's expose on Contrails? Clearly, disinfo, by numerous means. First, omission. They did not address the best evidence that this was not simply aircraft fuel interacting with the atmosphere. They did not address the fact that chemtrails have in the past contained biological elements, infectious elements, and the populace under a sprayed area went to clinics, swelling the patient load there. They did not address the obvious criss-cross patterns, outside of aircraft routes. They did not address what many have observed, unmarked planes, specially equipped to carry tanks of some chemical to be released. They did not address that practice runs were being made where the drift is toward population centers, to verify where and when they should spray in the event sickening the target city would become necessary. And they certainly did not address the pattern of spraying whereby population centers have a fogged sky just when they might catch a good glimpse of an emerging Second Sun rising or setting. What was the goal of this supposed expose? To place in the public's mind that chemtrails are harmless, and have a logical explanation. Just from the jet fuel. A type of cloud. Since this matter has been a topic of discussion on the Internet for a decade or more, why now? Because the time has arrived when the pace must pick up, as Planet X and its moon swirls will become increasingly visible, and the establishment is painfully aware of this. When discussion on the many criss-crossing trails comes up around the coffee machine, someone in the crowd will have a ready answer! They saw it on Discovery, and as everyone knows, this is a channel dedicated to science. Will this campaign work? The cover-up is holding back a dam, with cracks, and the flood is inevitable. When the truth does emerge, the public will be all the more furious for having been so routinely lied to. And they won't be passive about their anger.

Was the intent to institute marshal law after Oklahoma City and TWA800 or were those planned steps toward justifying marshal law in the future?

Those who wish to live with iron rule, under a dictator they are in close alliance with, did not expect Martial Law in the US to be called so quickly that a single incident would do it. They were countered on their first attempts, and countered on their second. The coverup on what happened at OKC, where a leg in combat fatigues and Army boots was found but no body, and TWA800, where a missile was seen by almost 300 people reporting independently to the FBI, and Navy ships in the bay at the location the missile rose from, was not done by those wanting Martial law. The coverup, preventing the public from knowing what happened, was to keep those wanting Martial Law from creating alarm in the public! This is also what stays the hand of those who could simply do an expose on 911 and show the White House was aware of what was coming, and either delayed informing the public or in Cheney's case, delayed a response. They are not sure how the public would respond, and fear Martial Law would be required. Thus, they take a different approach, to block this NWO crowd at every turn, but outside of the public eye.

I would like to know what the zetas know, if anything, about the "Backup Grid Project"? It's apparently an ongoing project by an unknown group of alien beings in conjunction with selected human "volunteers". I gather the plan is to fire up and maintain an artificial etheric grid in place during the earth's rotation stoppage, or so the story goes.

We have stated that the only assist to be given humans, in electricity, the grid, it to give those communities controlled by Service-to-Other humans, and in no danger of being taken over by those in the Service-to-Self or the undecided, a perpetual battery. Thus, this wishful thinking on the part of some humans that they will be able to continue their life style is obviously not true.

What's the real purpose of Bush's trip to South America on March 8th? Is March 9th a significant day? This is related to the March 9th tsunami from space warning.

The trips made by Bush and Cheney can be seen in context to their diminishing success. Cheney is desperately trying to convince Australia and Japan not to leave Iraq. Bush is desperately trying to cozzle up to S America, shuffle and dance and tell jokes, hoping he can run there if his fortunes turn ugly in the US. Neither will succeed.

I have read extensively about the Pyramids of Egypt, and the prophecies written within them through pyramidal inches. They state that the Age ends September 17, 2001. Taking in consideration that the pyramids were built some 5´000 years before, I imagine they meant Sept. 11, 2001, which is the begginning of the end times written by the Bible. Of course the Earth has moved somewhat in 5´000 years, and that may account for the stunning accuracy. Anyhow, 6 days out of 5´000 years is nothing to lose their respect, about! I imagine the Judgment has started and it´s slowly taking hold. Am I correct about my assumptions?

We have stated that there has been a pole shift since the Great Pyramids were built, so as astronomical instruments, they are no longer accurate. Likewise, interpretations of their markings by modern day humans are just a guess. We have stated that the date will not be known, though mankind longs for this of course. The reason the date will not be known is that it would be used by the establishment to harm the common man, enslave him, murder unwanted mouths and the like. Since these pyramids were built to assist those Annunaki on Earth at the time, and it was known that pole shifts would occur during every passage, then why would these particular pyramids be accurate for the present? They are not!

I would like to know if this dust is Planet X related or volcanic related or what. [and from another] Mystery dust baffles residents [Feb 19] Residents around Puget Sound were baffled Sunday when a thin layer of ash-like powder suddenly appeared, coating their cars and homes. Redmond is just one of the places where people spotted the mystery dust. Residents near Carnation, Gig Harbor and Kingston also reported seeing it.

We have stated repeatedly during this past year that the tail of Planet X would be turning toward Earth, as it blows out from the N Pole of Planet X and the N Pole is turning toward Earth. The orange snow in Siberia recently, oily and smelling rotten, and with a high iron content, was such a tail waft. Some parts of the tail have blood red iron dust, others are of other compositions, but both these incidences were indeed a waft of the tail that left deposits on the Earth.

Edgar Cayce spoke of a hall of records located somewhere under the Sphinx in Egypt. Have these records ever been found or will they ever be found?

Cayce, as we have stated, was a genuine channel. The best records kept, on prior pole shifts and the Annunaki treasure of information on the periodic passage of their home planet, were in the hands of the ancient Egyptians. This is why the Kolbrin is such an accurate book, detailing what people saw and experienced during the Flood and the Jewish Exodus. There are records aplenty burried, but unlikely to be found. One would have to shift the sands of the countryside, and still not have a clue. The openings of burial sites have been long lost to those alive today, and the sand covers all!

I've searched the ZT files but can't find mention of why the establishment, world-wide, is determined to discourage the smoking of cigarettes. The cover story is for our health of course, but the astute know better. Can the Zetas comment on this please? What's the real reason?

Looking back a few decades, when smoking was glamorized in the media and films and any type of advertisement allowed even when contrary to the facts, it seems to many astonishing that an anti-smoking wave is gaining momentum. Did not the governments know that smoking was so detrimental to health, would cause so much expense and loss of productivity? They did, and looked the other way due to what can only be termed early lobbying campaigns. In those days, politicians not only got perks such as trips and meals and free plane fare, they got cash for their campaigns. Thus, at high levels, anti-smoking was stifled in legislation, and in the media anti-smoking ads stifled. What is coming about now, in lawsuits against the tobacco industry and frank discussion in the media about the ill effects of smoking, is just what would have occurred earlier had the lobby not been in place! Did the tobacco lobby falter, give up, or run out of money? Neither of these, but they were out-lobbied by other influences. Big Pharma, the Oil industry, the Insurance industry, the Credit Card industry - all these are out gunning the tobacco industry in the US, and therein lies the reason that the anti-smoking campaigns are allowed to flourish!

Would the Zeta's comment on the works of Russian lama G.I. Gurdzhiev (1877-1949). What was the role of that well known person? [and from another] Gurdjieff International Review Greek-Armenian spiritual teacher who remains an enigmatic figure and an increasingly influential force in the contemporary landscape of new religious and psychological teachings. He left behind him a school embodying a specific methodology for the development of consciousness. By the term consciousness Gurdjieff understood something far more than mental awareness and functioning. According to him, the capacity for consciousness requires a harmonious blending of the distinctive energies of mind, feeling, and body.

Throughout the history of man, there have been many highly evolved spiritual entities attempting to point mankind in the right direction, to speed their progress, and to counter the influence of the Service-to-Self upon emerging man. As we have explained, Earth is a spiritual school house for emerging souls, and as such is allowed free play for emerging man to give The Call to either orientation. The Service-to-Self press their case, when called, by advising the benefits of being self-focused. Their advocates, in history, have been the ilk of Hitler's advisers and Ghengis Khan and those who ran the Inquisitions. Their message, that fear and intimidation and bribery work, and all else in interpersonal relationships is coddling the weak. Their message is that the strong should prevail, that this is nature's way, and the only way for emerging man to better himself. This message of greed and domination was countered by messengers such as Jesus and Mohammed and Buddah, as we have explained, who preached the Golden Rule and being compatible with nature, not rapacious. In keeping with the Lamas in general, Gurdzhiev sought to teach awareness of the larger Universe by introspection. Be aware of what you mind and body are doing, how they function, what they are aware of. In that empathy, the core of the Service-to-Other orientation, is inherent in all living creatures, such introspection brings awareness of this. This was the goal of his teachings.