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ZetaTalk: Close Pass
Note: written on Jan 15, 2001. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

This pole shift is a particularly severe one, but the 12th Planet will come no closer than 14 million miles to the Earth. There have been worse pole shifts in the past, but not by much. These kind of pole shifts, as this one, cause the Earth to attempt an almost 180 degree shift. However, the crust does not really succeed in going that distance, because the core separates from the crust as it rips the 180, so the crust only makes it about a quarter turn, a 90 degree shift. This particular pole shift will cause a dramatic shortening of the Pacific, a dramatic widening of the Atlantic, and was known for some time to be one of the more severe pole shifts, which is why the Transformation was scheduled at this time.

If the 12th Planet were twice the distance away, 28 million miles rather than 14 million miles, the effect would be diminished by 73%, and the core would attempt to turn with less ferocity, and would only make it approximately 32 degrees, dragging the crust that 32 degrees because the rate of turn would be slower. If the 12th Planet were to be 52 millions miles from Earth, rather than 28, the effect would be so mild as to be considered an adjustment to the current poles, with a number of volcanoes exploding and high tides to height of perhaps 100 feet high in places on Earth, but many places on Earth would be almost unaware that a lurching occurrence had happened. They would be considered mild earthquakes in most places on Earth.

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