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ZetaTalk: Orbit Perturbations
Note: written during the 2001 sci.astro debates. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

To understand why planets in orbit around a sun hold the positions they do, humans must imagine factors they are not yet aware of, but can infer from the behavior of these planets - for instance, the orbital plane.

Now in this drama, place Planet X, inbound and making a fast passage through the solar system. It is first affected by the eddy currents, which are in greater turmoil at a distance from the sun where the sling outward is reduced and the eddy currents thus creating wider circles. This causes Planet X to draw up into the orbital plane early in its approach. It is then caught in the sweeping arms, going with them in a counterclockwise manner until coming closer and picking up speed it finds the arm sweep faster and stronger such that it is bumped back during the arm passage, essentially skipping over the arm. This causes Planet X to assumes a retrograde motion during its approach. It then encounters an increasingly strong flow of the material slinging out from the waist of the sun, while at the same time being drawn increasingly by the sun’s gravitational field. This causes Planet X to drop below the ecliptic, to escape the outward sling of this material. Finally, when the point of passage arrives, Planet X is zipping through the solar system at a 32 degree angle from the ecliptic, traversing the solar system in 3 short months [Note: see 2003 Date explanation]. In this passage, it is the lessor influence on the planets in the solar system, who are listening the sun’s influence almost entirely during their orbits. Planet X is a bully, elbowing his way through a crowd, but affecting only those unfortunate to be in his way or close enough to feel, directly or indirectly, the shoving and pushing.

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