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ZetaTalk: Black Holes
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995.

So dark that light can't escape, so dense that all matter going in gets compressed into imperceptibility. What is a black hole, and does matter go in and never come out? All is relative, and the denseness of black holes only seems so to humans because they have no basis of comparison. Also, as nothing seems to be coming out, humans assume this is a bottomless pit of some sort, and frankly fear black holes. They serve a purpose, however, and are part of God's plan for renewing the Universe. You know about the concept of the big bang, which we have explained as setting the clock back on a part of the Universe, a type of refreshed state. The big bang requires something to bang from, and that state is what the black holes are accumulating.

Do black holes consume all that they catch in their snare, and is there any escape? Black holes are voracious, but proceed slowly. So slowly, in fact, that one can escape without even making haste. In addition, black holes do not capture souls, as developed entities can float out of them, being of a lighter substance. However, black holes do accumulate the substance of which souls are composed, when this has not formed into an entity, and remains loose and undefined. This is packaged into the whole, and spread uniformly during the big bang, and thus the process of worlds forming and evolving begins again, in a small part of the Universe. This is part of God's plan, as far as we know it.

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