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ZetaTalk: Deflecting Asteroids
Note: written on Jul 15, 1996.

Recently the media and Internet message boards have been alerting the populace to the presence of what is termed near-miss asteroids. Discussion ensues on how to deflect them should they threaten to impact the Earth, as though deflection would be possible. Does mankind now have the means to deflect such large, rapidly moving objects? Such a deflection would require a precisely placed explosive device of sufficient strength to vaporize the asteroid. Disintegration would be required because deflection is not possible in space. This statement will meet with vehement objection, especially from the arm of the establishment which seeks only to deflect panic in the populace. It is not a collision with an asteroid which will shortly devastate Earth, it is the passage of the monster 12th Planet, ever drawing closer. Nor will deflection of the trash in this giant comet's tail be possible - boulders as large as trucks thumping to Earth on occasion and the peppering of red dust and gravel. Deflection of these few boulders is not possible either, as they are shrouded in the swirling dust of the tail, and only visible just before impact.

Deflection of large objects traveling in space or plummeting to Earth must address several problems.

All the sudden upsurge in talk about the dangers asteroids present, and all the talk in the late 1990's about reviving the Star Wars program to address this threat is not because something can actually be done. Short of making practical plans to survive the coming pole shift while hunkered down on the surface of the Earth, mankind has no options, and those in the establishment who talk up asteroid deflection possibilities know this. They are simply buying themselves time by pushing the point where panic in the populace gets heated as far out as possible. Hopefully, the panic button won't be hit until those members of the establishment are safely away in their well stocked enclaves, and then the rest of humanity, who has been reassured that their government can protect them, be damned.

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