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ZetaTalk: Solar Flares
Note: written on Jul 15, 1996.

What is termed sunspots have long been recognized to have an effect on life on Earth - static on the radio, disrupted satellite transmissions, and some weather anomalies caused by what we would call tornado activity in the upper atmosphere due to rapid heating of the air there - but few of their effects are known. Solar flares occur when the core of the Sun reacts to factors it is sensitive to, just as the core of the Earth is increasing its activity in response to the approach of the 12th Planet. The influences that affect the Sun are not related to gravity or even to the Sun's magnetic field, which spreads far outside the Solar System, but to energy fields that man has yet to discover.

Gaseous planets and Suns, lit or unlit, do not have homogeneous cores any more than bodies with liquid cores such as the Earth. Humans tend to think of air or gaseous clouds or liquid pools as being homogeneous, but in truth heavier particles settle down, lighter particle rise, and other particles disperse slowly from their point of entry into the soup. The process by which the Sun releases light and heat also releases other energy, unrecognized by man. This process is not homogeneous, and thus buildup and release occur, just as weather disturbances occur in the atmosphere due to irregular heating and cooling. Any lack of consistency in a body's core has the potential of causing core rotation, as the components try to escape or approach that which they are repulsed by or attracted to in the neighborhood. Thus, the Sun's core swirls, and when lighter elements rush toward the surface their motion is not impeded by the gaseous surface and overshooting occurs - a solar flare.

The effect on Earth is in the realm of energy disruption, a surge of the various energy arenas that humans are aware of and others they are unaware of. Solar flares affect the activity of fish and kelp in the sea, in that water bends and deflects some energy rays and thus concentrates them. Just as humans find themselves more restless during a full moon, life in the sea is a bit more restless during solar flares - energized. Solar flares do not affect the core of the Earth, nor are they causing increased earthquake activity. This explanation by the establishment for increased activity in the Earth's core is to avoid mentioning the approach of the 12th Planet, and is easily rebutted. Have sunspots resulted in earthquakes in the past?

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