Apartment Water Cycles

So, regarding the water cycles of this biodome, all water that would be used by the vegetation of the biodome would always be returned into the groundwater cycle in some way, where high humidity levels produced by vegetation would be condensed and transferred into the groundwater cycle of the biodome by dehumidifiers, and humidity from dead vegetation and natural mulch would be returned in the same way. These dehumidifiers, then, would be raised just above the level of the ground where humidity levels are the greatest inside the biodome, and would drain condensed water directly into the purifying sandstone aquifer that rests on the alloy foundation of the biodome—down beneath the layers of soil and gravel of the biodome. Once this water has entered this sandstone aquifer, then, it would flow through the sandstone towards a clean pool of water located in the lowest part of the biodome at the center of the foundation, where it would establish a new, slightly-raised water table. After that, then, clean water would be periodically pulled from this pool of water into the sprinkler system of the biodome, thereby dropping the level of the central pool of water to the same general level where it rested before it was previously raised. After the watering process, then, water would be returned to the groundwater cycle, and this water cycle would be complete.