Biodome Accommodations

Regarding the occupancy level and accommodations of this biodome, a biodome of just about any size would suffice experimental purposes for residential purposes, so no one should refrain from building a small biodome if that’s what they want to do, but, for example, if a biodome were boldly built to a diameter of 1,000 feet, 50 families of 4 members each could be accommodated per level, which would amount to 200 people per level. So if 4 levels were built around the perimeter of the biodome, the occupancy rate of the biodome would come to 800 people, and the way in which the perimeter of the biodome is designed, each apartment would be afforded 352 square feet of interior space, with 186 square feet of balcony space provided for each apartment, for a total of 538 square feet per apartment. Now as small as this space amounts to, it is important to recognize that each apartment looks over 43-million square feet of biodome vegetation in a private way, so these apartments provide a great deal of enjoyment for every square-foot that they provide. In addition, each bedroom of these apartments would be equipped with its own private computer terminal, where access to an entire biosphere network would be completely afforded.