Biodome Restaurants

Now, regarding how food would be prepared and served inside a biodome, preparing and serving food entirely within restaurants has several advantages over any other method. For one, building a biodome without any home kitchens and home dining areas would save a great deal of time, labor, and raw material that would go towards the construction of the biodome and all of the components that hundreds of kitchens would require, such as refrigerators and ovens, which, obviously, would save a great deal of money as well. Second, these types of components, in smaller sizes and larger quantities, would use up far more energy over time than fewer and larger components would. Finally, if food were brought to hundreds of homes within a biodome or delivered to hundreds of these homes, the amount of food packaging material that would need to be recycled over and over again would be far greater than the amount of packaging that would need to be continually recycled due to restaurant usage.

Regarding the food preparation areas of these restaurants, then, the only distinct difference between the restaurants of these biodomes and a typical restaurant would be the dishwashing area, because instead of having a labor-intensive rinsing sink and a sanitizing dishwasher to the side of the sink that uses high heat to kill off bacteria, there would only be a specialized sink that could perform the function of the sink laborer and the dishwashing unit. To accomplish this, then, this amazing but simple unit would employ two simple types of energies, those being: ultrasound and ultraviolet light. In this way, then, ultraviolet light would shine into this specialized sink from the sides of the sink to kill off bacteria, and the ultrasonic part of the sink would pass high-frequency sound waves through the water in the sink to vibrate all the food and particulate matter off of the dishes. With this system in place, then, all that would be necessary for a worker to do would be to put dishes into the sink, then flip a switch on for a about ten seconds, and then pull the articles out of the sink and place them on the shelving along the wall. With this type of system installed, then, the total amount of personal energy expenditure required to accomplish this task would be completely minimized, and high heat would be absent from the system, which would eliminate energy that would normally have been required to cool the dishwashing area.