The Biodome Enclosure

The enclosure of this biodome, then, would be shaped as durably as possible, with a dome overhead, an inverted-dome foundation below, and a curved vertical wall connecting the perimeters of the two domes, as shown in (Fig. B), (Fig. C), (Fig. D), and (Fig. E).

When properly constructed, then, the shape of this enclosure is the strongest building shape there is against every type of live load or dead load, including lateral loads, vertical loads, bending forces, and shear forces. This is because this enclosure is entirely non-developable. In other words, the structure cannot be flattened or bent in any direction without ripping or tearing. And considering that the structure would be built entirely of a high-strength steel or alloy that would exhibit high toughness, this is not likely to happen. Furthermore, all walls and floors of the biodome would be completely interlocked with the perimeter wall of the biodome, thereby acting as vertical and horizontal structural ribs that would strengthen the perimeter wall beyond its own capacity as a structural membrane. So, with this type of perimeter structure in place at the base of the dome overhead, all loads that the dome would place on the structure would be resisted readily.

The enclosure of this biodome, then, would be built mostly of curved panels that measure no more than 12”-square, because, at this size, the panels could be cast of a high-strength, noncorrodible steel or alloy that otherwise could not be cast into buildable parts because of their larger size. These panels, then, would interlock in a way that would give maximum structural integrity to this enclosure, enough, in fact, for the enclosure to span distances of 1,000-feet or more. To add, these panels would be interlocked together in a way that would eliminate visible seams, so that all the water and air of the biodome would be prevented from escaping the enclosure, and so that there would be no seams for ice to form in, thereby permanently eliminating freezing and thawing problems.