Biodome Lighting

Regarding the lighting of this biodome, a full spectrum of natural light would emanate downward into the biodome from the entire inner surface of the dome from a special “phosphor,” which was developed by Sylvania of GTE long ago, which would be stimulated by a ring of ultraviolet lights that would be located around the perimeter of the dome. These ultraviolet lights, then, would be shielded in such a way that the ultraviolet light would shine upward onto the inner surface of the dome without shining onto the people or the vegetation of the biodome for the health of the people and the vegetation. This full spectrum of natural light that would fall onto the biodome would then be used to power photovoltaic cells that would be located on every balcony of every apartment in the biodome, thereby eliminating the need for electrical conduits that would be routed throughout the biodome to power the apartments.