As to date, there has not been one, single biosphere that has been built with success on this planet, because, so far, the best definition of a biosphere is essentially a self-sustaining environment where humans could survive for an indefinite period of time on the food, oxygen, and water that would be provided by the environment, as well as the protection that it would provide from serious outdoor conditions such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods. And so far, the only attempt at this sort of biosphere required the input of light from our sun and gave no protection from serious outdoor conditions. To add, inside this unsuccessful biosphere, human life was sustained for only a short period of time. In any case, if biospheres are ever going to be useful to humanity, if not all human life on Earth, they should be able to support many human lives—according to all of these requirements.

This presentation, then, proposes a biosphere that could live up to all of these requirements, which would survive all of the outdoor conditions just mentioned, and which would provide all of the sustenance needs of its inhabitants. Of course, any biosphere that could fulfill these requirements would cost a great deal of money to build, especially in high quantities. However, any effort in this direction would be a great step towards the security of humanity. Therefore, it is the goal of this presentation to find funding for the first successful biosphere that would ever be built here on planet Earth.

The biodome shell would be constructed with the Interlocking Panel System.