Recycling and Products

Now, these biodomes would produce no trash at all, because virtually everything that would be produced within them for consumption would be produced based on consumption pattern analysis—which means no waste—and would always be transferred directly to the point of consumption without ever being packaged and unpackaged, and when containers would be produced and used for consumables, the containers would always be reusable or recyclable. Finally, because all food in these biodomes would be served in restaurants, instead of in homes and restaurants both, the whole process of distributing food in the biodomes would be greatly simplified.

Regarding products, then, items such as paper napkins would be completely absent inside these biodomes and would be replaced by cotton napkins, which can be easily cleaned and reused over and over again for a long time. In fact, the presence of paper or wood products of any kind would not be used inside these biodomes for anything, because, regardless of whatever wood product there is for a function, there is always another material that could be used as a substitute that would save the life of a tree and would take less labor to harvest or make. In the case of using paper for writings or graphic communications, then, all visual information inside these biodomes would be communicated with the use of electronic devices instead.