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What about bleach (purifying water) and vinegar? Wouldn't these be good things to stock up on?

Offered by Alberts.

My Food Storage Planner Software recommends 5 gal. of bleach, 2 gal. vinegar, 2 gal. ammonia, 2 Cans Baking Powder for 2 people for 1 year. I knew bleach was good for disinfecting and purifying water but I am not sure what vinegar, ammonia and Baking Powder will exactly be needed for.

Offered by Debra.

Bleach, vinegar are excellent things to have on hand. I keep nine pounds of baking soda in my supplies; it can be used like salt. Alcohol is nice to have on hand also. Vinegar and ammonia are excellent cleansers, while vinegar has several medical uses. Baking soda can be used for all sort of things; a leavening agent in baking, a cleanser, tooth brushing powder and a deodorizer.

Offered by Mike G.

Vinegar can lower the pH in your hydroponic garden - acid basically. Baking soda is a very cheap way to raise the pH in your hydroponic garden. A little goes a lot farther than you'd think.

Offered by John.