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Please keep in mind that the aquadome home was drawn by me when I was in Jr. High School Drafting Class in 1977-1978. I choose this type of project because I was on the swim team and had / have always enjoyed the water. So as far as tech stuff, it is what I thought was / is practical. It will make a good starting point for design or layout. Perhaps if someone is / knows a marine biotechnician or an underwater engineer that could shed light on the matter.

Offered by Lou.

About Lou's water dome. The oxygen on Earth is almost entirely produced by Kelp beds in the oceans. Blue/green algae has a higher protein % than even earthworms at 82%, plus all manner of vitamins. What would stimulate the algae or kelp growth? Housing underwater as well as above, lots of surface space for the water to interchange carbon dioxide and oxygen, and folks breathing deeply!

Comments by friend Clipper.