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I am going to spray a travel trailer with Foam . When it is done, it will be backed into a culvert bunker where it will in all probability survive the pole shift just fine. It won’t be good for travel, but it will be home.

Offered by Lou.

Icynene Insulation System is a soft open cell foam insulation - this means that the product is not water or moisture tight - it has the consistency of pillow foam. As to chemical resistance - as with all foam products - the only chemicals that will effect it is those that eat anything. As to heat, the maximum for any foam product is 240 degrees. If you are looking for a product that withstands higher heats, there is a phennolic foam product that is used by NASA. I do not have any info on this product, but it is manufactured back East.

If you are planning a buried residence or complex, you need to go to the rigid foam insulation, which is 93% closed cell, we recommend a 3# density product to withstand crushing from the burial. However, please refer to our chart on the various densities of foam for compressive, shear and tensile strengths. Even with the 93% closed cell foam, an exterior coating should be used. There is large variety of coatings on the market - look for exterior elastomeric coatings. As to surfaces, Icynene, because of it's characteristics, can not be sprayed to visqueen or other materials in this category. As to rigid foam insulation, it has its only strengths, however, it does effect plastic because of the heat generated during the expansion.

Provided by Sharon Rhine,