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For a few months I have been working part-time for an insulation company which does mostly foam insulation. I have learned on the job that spray foam applications are indeed numerous because of the product's versatility. And I'm sure it is the best product out there for insulating structures such as monolithic domes. It is fire retardant, very efficient as a sound barrier, healthy, and more energy efficient than other insulation products. The compancy I work for uses two different spray foam products, Icynene and a product sold by North Carolina Foam Industries (NCFI). Icynene has a 100:1 expansion ratio and is therefore lighter than the NCFI product which has a 10:1 expansion ratio. As for insulating a dome, using a heavier product would make more sense because it is easier to make it conform to the shape of the dome due to its slower, reduced expansion rate. Unless sprayed into deep crevices Icynene usually requires cutoff because of its uneven expansion.

Offered by Bill.