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Hand Tools

There are useful primitive hand tools. The tools in this photo are a bit scarce now but can be found if you keep an eye open for them.

For light construction after the pole shift a minimum set of other useful, and more commonly available hand tools, should be saved. These could include: different sizes of wood chisels, hand wood and metal saws, claw hammer, sledge hammer, several sizes of wedges for splitting logs, ax for chopping wood, cross cut saws of various sizes, wood and metal hand files of all sizes and shapes, a vice and several large C-clamps.

Offered by Mike.

I might add that pawn shops and yard sales are an excellent place to find these kinds of tools. I guess those that sell or pawn their tools, get rid of the "most useless" ones first. I saw everyone of those tools just the other day at a local pawn shop. (I already own tools like this).

Offered by Clipper.