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Deep Well

I have been thinking about how to adapt the typical modern country deep well, with 220 volt AC submersible pump, into a post pole shift system that still allows us access to that pristine deep-well water. Granted, earthquakes will disturb and cloud the deep-level water, possibly even destroy the well, but it is worth the effort to acquire simple, preferably inexpensive, hardware so that existing deep wells might be retrofitted for post pole shift service. Keep in mind that water pumped up from over a hundred feet, or so, typically has not seen the light of day for over one million years. Presumably, that's a lot of pole shifts! Except in extremely severe quake areas, galvanized or stainless steel deep shafts may very well survive the pole shift and be retrofitted to an earlier technology.

Offered by Granville.

Dear Wes;

Thank you for your reply. Actually, I was looking for something simpler - hardware to store for a "just-in-case" scenario. (I'm happy with my electric deep-well AC pump.) Considering the circumstances I am considering, solar might not be a viable option for a while. My well is only around 130 to 140' deep. What I had in mind was something like we see in the old westerns: a well with a water-pumping windmill over it and an above-the-house-plumbing cistern to store the water. If that is too expensive and complicated for now, I picture mounting the hand-pump up on a tower/platform which holds the cistern. I cannot afford anything elaborate ... we're talking emergency scenarios ... and we're talking simplicity. The more expensive and complicated the technology, the greater the challenge of maintenance. I appreciate your willingness to dialogue on this. There are others I am associated with who are seeking similar solutions, so I plan to share your replies with them as well.

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Sent: Friday, May 22, 1998 12:04 PM
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You have a few options. We carry the only deepwell hand pump, called the Mark II. It sells for $817, including the pump cylinder, and will lift water from up to 220 feet. In terms of retrofitting your existing well with minimal hassle, the Bowjon Wind Pump may be the best all around solution. You can put the wind tower where the best wind is, up to 1/2 mile away from the well, then the wind drives an air compressor, which blows air thru a flexible hose to the bottom of the well and bubbles water to the surface. You would then need a cistern for water storage, and a small solar powered pressure pump for water to the house. The Bowjon sells for $1250. You could do a complete solar pumping set up for about $1700. Let me know if any of these suit you.

Best Regards, Wes

Dear Persons,

I live in the country, where I have a deep well (I recall 150' deep and 7" diameter). It works fine with the submersible 220V pump, but I would like to have economical adaptable hardware in the event of changes that leave us without electricity for an extended period of time. This might include removing the electric "cap" and installing a hand pump, or even running the line up a tower to store water for gravity feed. If feasible, windmill driven pumping could be considered. What can you recommend that would meet these needs?

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