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Bike Pumps

Have you toyed with pedal powered water pumps to reduce wear on 12 volt pumps and power consumption on PV systems - primarily used to fill gravity hydro systems?

With respect to pumping water, I haven't found a good water pump to use yet. I have considered using two of the $3 drill motor (Harbor Freight tools) garden hose type rubber impeller type pumps. This could be mounted shaft facing shaft with one or more stiff rubber hoses over the shaft. A steel cylinder sleeve with a hole for the shaft and set screws at each end would be a better alternative. The resulting pump assembly could be held with a spring to a tire of a bicycle. Estimated results: I consider the turning torque of these units to be rather high and inefficient. Also the lifetime of the shaft seal is not that long. One would need to try it to see if it lasts.

Offered by Mike.