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I was watching Jeopardy tonight, and there was a question about the indentation on the bottom of wine bottles. The indentation is called a punt, and it strengthens the bottle. This got me thinking, if there was a similar indentation on the bottom of a dome, perhaps it would add structural stability to it, stability that could perhaps help the dome survive a pole shift.

Offered by Mike.

This could have some merit. If you think about what it would look like on the bottom of the dome with a punt in it, as a quake was rising to push it up, it would push more on the edges transferring the pressure around the dome and not through the floor. This could also be better for the wind storms as the dome would dig in around the edges and not just slide on a flat surface. The floor would have to be thicker around the edges to create the punt and still have a flat floor. That would be okay also because the floor would have more weight to hold the dome down. I think the advantages would justify the added cost. Other wise you would have a big lump in the floor like the inside of a bottle. You could spill your beer with a floor like that. Very good observation mike.

Offered by Clipper.