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SOHO Debris
on Oct 27, 2003

Has anyone noticed the sandblasting of the SOHO photos from today, Oct 27. I have been watching the site on a daily basis for over two years and have never seen any pictures with so much debris (stuff, clutter, objects). If the SOHO camera can pick up those objects how long before the debris field will reach our atmosphere? Should we be expecting a huge meteor shower in the next couple days?
I believe this may be a tail sweep interacting with SOHO. There are some missing pictures around 07:00 UTC. If this is the case, then we haven't got long to go.
The "debris" picked up by SOHO is not debris at all but trillions of protons that are accompanying the class X solar flare that the sun has erupted towards us again yesterday today.
Here is some images from an apparent flare in July, 2000.
Steve Havas
SpaceWeather states: ‘The many speckles are solar protons striking the coronagraph's CCD camera.’ and it appears there is historical record of this. Not Planet X debris, but also not worse than in the recent past.