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Sightings with Unaided Eye
as of Mar 31, 2003

From my surf of the internet it would appear we are getting more and more reported sightings. Some from South America and middle of USA. I have also had some at chat indicate they are seeing anomalies at coordinates.
Bless you my soul. Faithful am I and rewarded I am! Spotted exactly where predicted. The Orion belt orientation and SW sky (vantage point: Sacramento Mtn. NM) was quite precise. Naked eye verification, Binocs. only closer in but no more pronounced. Red flckering to the right, then to the north, then nothing... then flickering again, some yellow noticed on the opposite side of red on next visibility. Zetas Right Again! I am both scared (temporary) and excited!
New Mexico
Someone on the godlikeproductions boards, who was against zetatalk for as long as I've been posting there has spotted Planet X. He took pictures by making a makeshift stand. ... I've talked to a good amount of people who've spotted the same thing, many of them against you before and proactive about it too. Someone else on the thread that he posted them on said they saw the same thing, but couldn't get their telescope to work to get a closer look. You will get credit and the praise that you deserve soon enough.
Saw it last night, is now clearly red and fuzzy, right in Taurus like you said, at about 7 PM facing west, below Aldebaran.
Here in NE Louisiana it was visible (side of the eye) at 8 PM central time.
From: FarmBill
Subject: Planet X sighted
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2003 17:52:30 -0600
To whom it may concern, I have been an avid reader of both Rumor Mill News and of Zeta Talk, for the past couple of years. I have a real need to know what is really going on and spend much time trying to figure it all out, with a skeptical eye. While there is much that I believe of Zeta Talk based on intuition, there are some of the things I take with a grain of salt. For instance the 911 explaination. However both Friday night and again Saturday night, I saw the Planet X complex with My binoc's 10 power. Could not sleep the rest of Friday Night. Note I was at my Farm in East Texas. For those who have been open minded about this I suggest you kick into high gear what ever plans you have in mind, because in about 45 days you will been in serious need, of a life raft, or dome or whatever. This is REAL. Love to all
FarmBill, in Texas
I can confirm a sighting of a red object as stated Sentinel Position Map. See at Is it PX I do not know. I had my wife who is up-to-date on the PX thing confirm. All she could say was "bummer". This was a plain view sighting at about 7:30 pm on 03/28/03 Put the binoculars on it and got a better view. This object is about to travel below the horizon in northern Cal and its raining. If it clears up I will make a trip to the beach And try to get the big scope on it. .. My telescope is a 10” F5 dobsonian so power and light are not an issue. Also used my binoculars 70mm 11 x as a spotter.
Fantastic! Unbelievable! Hevenly! We see the same red object in Cordoba (Argentine) below the Aldebaran star! Man! This is Huge! And is already scaring my whole family here! Now I realize why we are at war!
Peron, in Argentina
We are waiting for pictures and confirmation of reliable sources not linked with Brazilian government, mainly composed of professional astronomers here in South America who are studying the appearance of this strange red object in our skies. The object has appeared naked eye last Friday and it is visible in some regions of South America as confirmed by many people in Uruguary, Peru, Argentine, and Brazil. Like I said, I am waiting an answer from a known South American astronomer next Tuesday to put the photo evidence and its current position available for your. The Planet X myth caught my attention after visit ZetaTalk. The coordinates given by the site matches with our viewings in South America skies.
The guy in Brazil is right. Here in Montevideu [Uruguary] we can see the red object too! It is barely visible under Aldebaran star and has a strange yellow cloud on it. I don`t know what is this thing along with the object. Looks like the object is morphing into another shape!
Lara, in Uruguary
Cluster, been watching some time... diffuse, fuzzy as in nebula or galaxy... went from 10-13 items some fainter than others.... it is has now spread somewhat, not all items in a circle... last night cloudy... tonite will be good, but yes, as of 2 nights ago no red yet... Waiting for it to get closer to our sun, and start reflecting the suns light better... as it is fuzzy... What I gather, my guess of what I am seeing, is partly dust clouds/moons... not the Planet X itself... as very diffuse... But hey, thats just my 2 drops in o bucket!