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Gigantic United Kingdom Crop Circle Pictogram
MUFON Skywatch Investigations, June 18, 1999

Stuart Dike and Andreas Müller and the International Crop Circle Archive report a huge crop circle has been found near Alton Barnes, Wiltshire on the June 12, 1999. The first formation closer to the hill is a staggering 700 feet in length, with a mixture of different styles from season's past. It is basically a combination of the very first pictograms from the early nineties with different components from the designs that stirred the world, back in those heady days. The formation is close to Knapp Hill, and has amazing amount of different sections, including the famous Boxes, which were seen on the very early formations, plus Key designs, and an unusual Celtic Cross design placed in the central section of the overall pattern.

Images and a video shot of the East Field by Peter Sorensen, copyright 1999, can be observed at the web site. Editor's Note: The shear size of the pictograms provides convincing evidence they were not made by human endeavors. Seven hundred feet of intricate pictograms should prove once and for all the reality of the phenomenon based on their complexity, huge size and a possible message. It would require dozens if not hundreds to hoax a site this large and complex. The logical conclusion is that this pictogram crop circle was made by an unknown intelligence.