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Can somebody tell me what the co-ordinates are in a few different conversions (like hours minutes and seconds) so I am sure I haven't made any mistakes?

The mechanism for doing these unit conversions is as follows.

4.437891 Dec, this is in hours, and we might want to reformulate the decimals into hours-minutes representations.

4h = 4h, no need to do conversion here.

The decimals to minutes:
.437891h = .437891 * 60 minutes = 26.273460 minutes.

We have 4h 26m now.

The minute fractions into seconds:
.273460 minutes * 60 seconds = 16.407600 seconds

We have 4h 26m 16s, rounding to nearest full second.

We can do this in reverse, for exercise.

4h is still 4h, so we can just get the hours part without modifications.

26m converted into hours through 26m / 60m = .4333333333... hours

16s converter into hours through 16 / 3600s = 0.00444444... hours.

We sum these together: 4h + .43333 h + 0.0044 h = 4.4377 hours

We lost some detail because we omitted the 0.4 arcseconds in roundup into full arcseconds. But we are still correct down to 3 decimals, which should be about good enough.

Offered by Antti.