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Great Pyramid Dateline

Another book I dusted off is called The Great Pyramid Decoded by Peter Lemesurier (1989), ISBN is 1-85230-088-4 and is was published by Element Books Limited, Longmead, Shaftesbury, Dorset. Its a stunning book, which gives about as accurate an account of the Pyramids of Giza as you could imagine, with hundreds of engineering diagrams and perhaps thousands of measurements. Its very, very detailed and thoroughly researched but as well as that the author is a very open minded and educated man whose own belief concurs with the views of Erik von Daniken and Edgar Cayce as well as many Mayan and Krishna texts.

He has focused upon many aspects such as certain stones cut with 'laser precision' to 1000th of an inch accuracy, that the Main Pyramid is exactly aligned to the earth’s four cardinal points, that the main unit of measurement used by the designer is exactly 10 millionths of the Earth's mean Polar radius, and that the pyramid's designed base-square has sides measuring 365.242, 365.256, and 365.259 of these same units which represent the Earth’s Solar Tropical, sidereal and anomalistic orbits. The most interesting thing in the Book I found though, was a very spooky and chillingly accurate series of datelines which seem to chart the progress of certain aspects of human existence. The main thing is that everything seems to 'drop off the scale' so to speak around the year 2004 (though he states there is a +/- 3 year error allowance)

The 'Achievements of Civilization Line' drops at 1911, recovers before dropping again at 1939, recovers but drops again but less dramatically in 1967 then a bit more at 1980 and then plummets at 2004. The 'Progress of materialist Humanity' Line stays fairly flat, just bobbing up and down a little all century until it hits 2004 and totally drops down off the scale in an instant! I'm still unsure as to how he determined which line represents what or how he arrived at the calendar but I confess to only having a fleeting look at the text up to now, I'll study it further in the coming months.

Offered by Paul.