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Former NASA scientists, engineers and other researchers, under the aegis of The Mars Mission - a grassroots space research and policy group of specialists and citizens -- will hold a major press briefing, Thursday, March 21, 1996 at the National Press Club in Washington DC In the planned two- hour event, beginning at 9:00 AM, detailed scientific analysis of possible ancient artificial structures - found on hundreds of archived NASA and Soviet lunar photographs, and thousands of feet of original motion picture film - will be presented, using state-of-the-art computer and video graphic systems. This material - some of it held in a university archive outside NASA for almost a quarter of a century - is part of a continuing Mars Mission investigation into possible "suppressed" NASA solar system findings, based on a highly controversial warning contained in a 36-year-old government report:

The Mars Mission's major scientific and political conclusions, to be illustrated with extensive NASA and Soviet lunar photography at the press briefing: These official mission films - analyzed over a period of four years, via scientific techniques and computer technologies literally unavailable even to NASA 30 years ago (when the original photographs were taken) - now provide compelling scientific evidence for the presence of ancient artificial structures on the Moon. Further, it is now apparent that the entire purpose of President John F. Kennedy's sudden, all-out Apollo Program to land Americans on the Moon within ten years was to send American astronauts directly to these ruins, to record them on film, and to bring back physical evidence (including manufactured artifacts) for analysis on Earth.

According to Richard C. Hoagland, head of the Mars Mission and 1993 winner of the International Angstrom Medal for Excellence in Science, who began this intensive examination of NASA and Soviet lunar photography four years ago as part of the research organization's on-going "Mars" investigation, the answer to the question, "Why a NASA cover-up of such extraordinary information?" is simple, if not tragic: "Look at that New York Times headline; would you reveal the very thing that the best and the brightest' NASA could assemble at the dawn of the Space Age warned could literally collapse civilization': namely, hard physical ruins left by a race of obviously superior beings' -- and in our proverbial back yard,' to boot?! We are 30 years behind where we would have been - if NASA had been allowed to tell us what they found, at the time these photographs were taken. Imagine the future we would be living now, the discoveries, the scientific and environmental advances the world would be sharing, if fear, coupled with blind and misplaced adherence to authority hadn't intervened . . ."

Hoagland hints that, in addition to the remarkable imaging data on the artifacts, at the press briefing there could be some major political surprises: "We have evidence that some of the astronauts themselves have attempted to change this 30-year-old policy. But, because they are 'good soldiers', their efforts have been behind the scenes. We are considering presenting this evidence as well. "It's time for this President to bite the bullet,' to open NASA's files on all of this, and come clean." For reasons of security, participants in the press briefing - some of whom currently work on "black projects" for major aerospace companies under direct contract to the US government - will not be revealed, until shortly before the briefing on the 21st; however, the list of participants does currently include geologists, former NASA engineers, photographic experts, lunar construction engineers, architects, and investigative reporters. Extensive documentation, including hardcopy imaging of specific NASA astronauts "amid the ruins," will be handed out on Thursday.