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I found a swedish webpage (in swedish) about pole shifts, comets, and earth changes and I will translate a bit.

In the beginning of 1980 a British medium David Jevons said:

There will be great changes on this planet because of a burning messenger. A great celestial body is coming toward us at the moment. You cannot see it with your naked eyes or with a telescope at the moment. When it passes past the Earth, it will affect all the planets in our solar system. And the Earth will also be affected. Many countries will sink in the ocean and some new will rise.

David Jevons got some questions about this in 1980:

Has this messenger/celestial body passed through our solar system before?
DJ: Yes.
Is this the Haley’s comet?
DJ: No. This one is larger than Haley’s comet.

A comet researcher David Solomon has calculated that a great comet comes back into our solar system every 4000 years. He said:

This comet is known to our forefathers as a huge burning celestial body and when it entered into our solar system it caused cataclysms. The... Greeks called it TYPHON, Mayan people called it QUETZALCOATL, Sumerians Called it NIBIRU, people from Egypt called it APEP or SETH, and the old Chinese people called it THE RED DRAGON.

People throughout history have said things about great comets that causes cataclysms:

Helgonet Hildegard from Germany (1200)
Mother Shipton from England (1600)
Edgar Cayce (1900)

Offered by David.