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Summary of points from Voices of our Ancestors, by Dhyani Ywahoo.

  1. The sacred teachings of the Tsalagi people encompass a 100,000 year time period, during which there have been four great upheavals of Earth's life forms.
  2. The first was a change in direction of in Earth's rotation and polarity, caused by a large comet and its attendant radiation destroying and mutating many life forms.
  3. The second change was brought about by intense winds arising from people's confused thought and action, distorting the Earth's mantle. It was during the second change that beings who were once male and female in one body separated into different entities, and are even now looking for their other halves.
  4. The third change was due to volcanic action stirred by the destruction of Earth's sister planet that once dwelt between Mars and Jupiter. The volcanic action forced humans to live beneath the ground for generations, subsisting on transparent fish and fungi.
  5. The fourth change was wrought by water as the human types sought to integrate emotion and mind power. this was the time of the destruction of Atlantis, Elohi Mona, and during this age only those who heeded the voice of truth within were able to avoid destruction by reaching the high places.

Dhyani is a keeper of the Cherokee oral teachings, and is passing on what she has to offer as of 1987. I could be wrong, but I doubt she has any idea what we've been talking about at Troubled Times, or any of the background reading which precipitates our present thinking. The fact that the Cherokee traditions speak of the great flood is no mystery, since every heritage does, but it is absolutely fantastic to me that they speak of the Pleiades, Atlantis, Star Beings, great comets, and living underground. And the destruction of the planet now occupied by the asteroid belt? Holy cow! I'm sure much of the interpretation needs to be taken with a grain of salt. This book was a turning point for me in my realization that absolutely everyone is talking about the same scenario, just so many of them don't realize it.

Offered by Ron.