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icon War Powers Act

The U.S. has technically been at war with its own citizens since the 1930's time period after we were sold out by one of our own presidents, Roosevelt. The declared National Emergency of March 9, 1933 amended the War Powers Act to include the American People as enemies. This allowed Maritime Law to come onto land. Be careful of that pretty little flag with the gold trim that sits on a pedestal in your courtrooms. That is an Admiralty flag (an ensign, a military flag) flown on the open seas, not the American flag. You will find the American flag hanging in front of my house, with no gold trim - the flag for common law. The US Constitution allowed for three types of laws, Common Law (We the People), Contract Law governing contracts and agreements, and Maritime Law that is to be used on the open seas to govern our Naval forces while out there since the ships are not on our land. Only in times of war can Maritime Law govern on land. This is proclaimed by the president. This flag changes your status from Sovereign (God's Law) to subject (the King's Law).

Offered by Clipper.