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TOPIC: Shortages

Starting in 1999, food shortages caused by drought or deluge began appearing, and by 1999 in the US, Fish in Maryland and the East Coast were affected.

By 2000 shortages were in evidence worldwide in Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Argentina, Armenia, Austria, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Burundi, Cambodia, Canada, China, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Ethiopia, France, Georgia, Ghana, Greece, Guyana, Hondurus, India, Iran, Iraq, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Jordan, Kazakstan, Kenya, Korea, Laos, Liberia, Madagascar, Mexico, Moldova, Mongolia, Morocco, Mozambique, Nepal, Pakistan, Palestine, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovakia, South Africa, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Thailand, Uganda, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Yugoslavia. By 2000, it was clear that floods were devastating crops in Asia, while a World Drought was devastating crops in Africa, Europe, and the Balkans, resulting in Civil Unrest and Violence while shortages in Wheat loomed. By 2000 the Cornbelt, Hawaii, Texas, the West, North Dakota, the Midwest, New England, Fisheries, the Southeast, and the Apple Harvest suffered weather related shortages, with Ag Disasters declared. In 2000, plagues and blights had affected crops in the US with the Citrus Canker, Grape Sharpshooter, Banana Virus, Red Tide, Soybean Aphid and Sudden Death, Grasshopper, Cutworm, Pine Beetle, and Fire Blight among them. In 2000 a worldwide Fuel Crisis emerged, and in the US Gasoline, Oil, Natural Gas, Firewood, and Electricity prices rose. For Year 2000, NiCAD batteries and Distillers were in short supply. As Maine demonstrated, Monitoring may ensue. The government is stockpiling Meals Ready-to-Eat, a Hot Item. Blood continues in short supply.

In 2001 matters had not changed per reports on England, the Midwest, El Salvador, Africa, Central America, and United Nations and FAO Reports. During 2001, Starvation Denial in a media hush was evident, while Devastating Weather created a Silent Famine and South African price increases. In 2001 spuratic reports of the effect weather has having on crop shortages were reported in Malaysia, Iowa, Ireland, North America, and the World at Large.

By 2002, a reduced Cocoa crop and a crisis in Mozambique was admitted. Reports on the effect of drought on grain crops came in from the US, Australia, and Canada while flood damage to grain crops was reported in the UK and Europe. Finally, despite media under-reporting, a 2002 UN Report shows the picture of worldwide crop shortages due to weather.