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TOPIC: Crazed

More than the weather changes during an approach of the 12th Planet, as animals and insects behave in atypical ways. Red Ants invade Columbia and Kill Crabs in India, Beetles destroy California trees, Caper Butterflies mass in Australia, and Giant Grasshoppers threaten Britain. Deer are attacking automobiles, Charging Sheep their shepherds, Jack Rabbits biting pedestrians, Moose are wandering into towns, Polar Bears moving north, and Cattle are stampeding in Australia for no reason. Carp are leaping from rivers, Penguins invade Rio, Bullfrogs swamp Canada, and Jellyfish invade the Gulf of Mexico. Whale Migration is delayed. Gray Whales, Dolphins in the Atlantic, Sea Lions and Sea Otters in the Pacific, Sea-Bed Fish, Sea Turtles, and even predators such as Sharks and Vultures are dying mysteriously. Pilot Whales, Killer Whales, Dolphins, and Sea Turtles are beaching themselves in record numbers. Magnetism, used by Many Creatures is the suspected culprit. Snowbirds are appearing in Florida, Artic Birds disappearing, and Homing Pigeons go awry in what has become a Continuing Trend. Weather changes are suspected in the Sea Slugs invasion in New Zealand, Killer Bee migrations, Marine Organism changes, and Bear Attacks. Microscopic creatures and DNA are acting atypically, too, with Purple Pigs, and dead Crocodiles, Sea Birds, Lobsters and Frogs resulting.