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Prior to July 1995 ZetaTalk stated that the government had been Suppressing the Word on the 12th Planet for years, and on March 23, 1998 an article on the Space Station to be hoisted aloft in 2003 stated it had been planned for two decades.

8:15 AM 3/23/1998 - Intl Space Station Costs Soar, Delay Seen-WSJ

New York, March 23 (Reuters) - Costs of the International Space Station could climb to as much as $24 billion - $3 billion higher than projected - with completion delayed as long as three years, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday. Launch of the station's first module is scheduled for June after two decades of effort, with assembly slated to be complete by 2003. But frustrated lawmakers, hoping to rein in the budget and maintain the schedule, are warning of tougher controls or cutbacks that could shrink the station's scope. "This thing is continuing to spiral out of control," the Journal quoted Republican John McCain of Arizona, the Senate Commerce Committee chairman who has promised hearings on the matter. "There may be a requirement for some kind of restructuring. We just can't keep up."