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In June, 1997 ZetaTalk stated that Green Meteors and Other Trash will begin arriving with increasing frequency, but this will not be explained by the authorities. Boulders dropped on Greenland and Columbia in December, 1997, Fireballs and meteor showers arrived in February/March of 1998, and by December, 1998 huge fireballs would be on the Increase, screaming across the sky, ignored by the authorities. In July, 2001 fireballs were seen across a wide swath of the US East Coast.

Our local ABC News affiliate has published some viewer comments about Monday evening's meteor sighting. They can be found at this sight by clicking on the line called Strange Sighting in the Sky

Several witnesses reported hearing what they called a "sonic boom". Other comments:
"It shook my house."
"It felt like an earthquake."
"There was a loud boom followed by several smaller explosion sounds over a period of 8-10 seconds."
"The 'sonic boom' was heard in Corning, New York as well."
"I saw a fiery redish-orange object appear in the sky."
"I saw a large ball of fire with a long tail following it."
"They said it was brighter than the sun."
"The boom radiated for 10 to 12 seconds."
"The loud continuous booms sounded that close to our house."
"Saw the meteor at about 6:20 pm down here in Delaware. Bright streak of yellow-green color, lasted about 5-10 seconds."
"Went to the Salladasburg area - found a cornfield where 'it' left a 'vapor trail'. Was later rumored to have found some fragments. Emergency personnel could or would not give us any information on what 'it' was. Was a few hundred yards away and was notified by bullhorn to 'Evacuate the area. It is contaminated'."
"I have seen many meteorites before and that's just what this was. It was much bigger than I have ever seen before ... the biggest I've seen yet!"

Offered by Mike.

There is an upsurge of previously unknown space debris being located and tracked by astronomers. Some state that more sophisticated equipment is being used by more people, thus more discoveries and that's true in part. Although earth strikes are few the nature of the last event on the east coast seems to be one that will attract closer scrutiny as people there are sounding off and want some explanations as to why they were not forewarned of a body that had obviously been tracked. I heard about it on my local redneck news the day before it happened! They said a meteor shower would be visible along a certain strip of the coast.

Offered by Mike.