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In June, 1996 ZetaTalk stated that albinos such as the White Buffalo would be on the increase. There have been increasing reports of such occurences in wildlife, starting in China, then Australia and North America. Since 2002, White Moose have been on the increase. In 2007, a Pink Dolphin was sighted, and in 2008, a Pink Fawn and a White Orca photographed.

Prior to 1994 there has been only one report of a white buffalo birth (1933 in Montana). Since 1994 there have been more births according to Looking Horse. Excerpt from Lincoln Journal Star article:

Looking Horse remembers the birth of Miracle, a white buffalo calf born Aug. 20, 1994, in Janesville, Wis. He was among thousands who made pilgrimages to see the calf. "It was something I thought I would never see in my life," he said. "It was just something I heard about when I was growing up." Three more - in North Dakota, Michigan and South Dakota - were born within four years of Miracle's birth, Looking Horse said. Two of those animals, the Michigan calf and Medicine Wheel, have since died, he added. Looking Horse said he's also heard of a white buffalo in Wyoming, but he's never seen that animal.

I did some investigating and found the results interesting. You can check them out at the links I posted below.

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