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The only question left now is what to do about it. We believe that the secrecy and manipulation on the part of NASA around these and other such plans stems from a couple of mistaken beliefs. First, we suspect that the insiders are convinced that they have time, maybe even until 2012 when the Mayan calendar runs out, to make their getaway. For a variety of reasons we shall make clear in the coming weeks, we think that if a global catastrophe is in the making it will be on a much shorter time frame than that, as early as 2003 (excluding any "designer comets" ala OMGTKS). The other core problem is that "they" seem to be convinced that nothing can stop the coming disruption. We believe that this assumption too is in error, despite what NASA/JPL may have deciphered either from Earth based discoveries (like the recently uncovered "Tomb of Osiris") or from input by "outside agencies." In the coming weeks we will make clear just why they are wrong, and what can be done about it. Stay tuned.

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