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An interesting channeling from a Danish woman. She talks in the end about the 10th planet, how it will re-enter our solar-system! I found this information on the Earthprophecy List.

Offered by David.

Hello Earthprophecy List

This is my first message to this list, and contains my rendering of a channeling I received from the Danish clairvoyant Marianne Rasmussen. Marianne has made several confirmed predictions and has great power - among other things she has been proved to be able to alter the surface tension of water. This message is given in love, and I hope it will be of use to somebody somewhere.

Sent: Friday, September 10, 1999 12:55 PM
Subject: a Message from Marianne

Hi list.
An hour ago I was sitting here by the computer and the phone rang. The minute I touched it I could feel a wave of energywash over me, and I knew who was calling: Marianne Rasmussen the clairvoyant. The following is the gist of our conversation. Itis written from memory, so these are not Mariannes exact words, but my recollection of them. She told me this: Last year in August a neutron star exploded and the Earth was radiated for six minutes with as much energy as we get from the sun in 300 years (at the time Marianne had predicted this, andit has been confirmed). This has caused much disease - in humans as well as in the Earth herself - an aggression and conflict. We are now in the second wave of that radiation. People will get sick, tempers will flare and the planet will respond with natural disasters, mainly earthquakes. Three days from now, on the14th, she sees people in panic. They are Asians, but she cannot tell from which country. She also sees Indonesia covered with blackness - in the near future something terrible will happen in this country.

Before the end of the year 2000 a great change will have taken place that will affect all of the world. We must prepare for that change by filling our hearts with love and acceptance - acceptance of people as they are, we should not wish to change anyone, but simply accept - this will be the keyword for the coming events. In the next five years there will be natural disasters all over the world, the tectonic plates will move, causing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. This will happen in North America, Japan and Southeastern Europe and on a line between these places. This will be further intensified by human actions. Every time the energy of a weapon is released into the atmosphere it hurts the planets. It was the Russian bombings in Tjetjeny (sorry - spelling?) that caused the earthquake in Kobe.

This will also be the time when it will finally be clear to all that there are entities from other planets working their powers on the earth. They will come, not to invade, but to love and teach. For years the governments of the Earth have known about them, but have concealed their knowledge despite being told not to.
Finally, the tenth planet will re-enter the solar system and its magnetic field will cause much damage. The first five years of the new millennium will be a time of great turmoil, but it is not the end of the world, it is a passage onto something better. The age of love will come. Fill your hearts with love and acceptance to meet the negative energies that will shower us in this period of time.Marianne has promised me that every message I write to the internet from now on will be accompanied by positive energy.his energy will be with the message at all times, and I can feel it as I write.

Love, Christel