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In June, 1997 ZetaTalk stated that attempts by the elite to Explore Mars as a safe place during the forthcoming cataclysms would be foiled, and again in January, 1999 ZetaTalk stated that an Escape to Mars would not be allowed. On Nov 10, 1999 NASA claimed this failure, among their Continuing Problems, was due to a metric error. The June, 1997 ZetaTalk stated that probes that encouraged the Awakening would be Allowed, and the 2004 Mars Rover received an assist!

Mars Climate Orbiter Failure Board Releases Report
NASA Release 99-134, Nov 10, 1999

"The 'root cause' of the loss of the spacecraft was the failed translation of English units into metric units in a segment of ground-based, navigation-related mission software, as NASA has previously announced," said Arthur Stephenson, chairman of the Mars Climate Orbiter Mission Failure Investigation Board. "The failure review board has identified other significant factors that allowed this error to be born, and then let it linger and propagate to the point where it resulted in a major error in our understanding of the spacecraftÕs path as it approached Mars.

The Board's Report is available on-line.

Metric Mixup Caused Loss of mars Climate Orbiter
Astronomy Now, Sept 30, 1999

The $125 million Mars Climate Orbiter mission was lost because its spacecraft and navigation teams were using different measurements units, NASA said on Thursday.

My current job is to develop systems for on-station geostationary satellites. We already did that for various other countries in the world: Ryad in Araby, Kiruna in Sweden, Bangkok in Thailand, etc. I'm actually leaving next week to train the operators of Hispasat in Madrid on this system. Any team working in cooperation in the space systems field is making sure, at the very first, that the reference system used is the same or has to be converted to the same system in order to communicate information about the same matters. It is just elementary. To make tests and compare results before the true operations begin. So, I do not buy this explanation. The error would have occurred before, OR the explanation is biased. There is something else going on. No way is this the explanation for what occurred.

Offered by Véronique.

Yeah! There are 1.609 kilometers in a mile or 0.6 miles in a Km. How come the radar ranging equipment did not pick up the distance discrepancy long before it got to Mars? It might have been the landing coordinates that where entered wrong, but that is hard to believe, if one thinks in a measurement system (Metric, English) it is quite unlikely he will try to convert one to the other in his/ head.

Offered by Roy.