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icon May 5, 2000

On August 15, 1996 ZetaTalk stated that the May 5, 2000 conjunction would hold no threat for Earth. On Feb 10, 2000 the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics demonstrated this, and NASA concurs.

Source: Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics
Planetary Conjunctions, 5 May 2000 Conjunction
by Dr. Brian Monson

Conjunctions such as the upcoming 5/5/2000 event are actually quite common. ... The earth is 4.5 billion years or so old therfore there have been about 45 million such alignments in the history of the earth. Several dozen of these have happened since humans learned to write so if anything truly horrible had happened as a result of these alignments it would have been recorded. The point here is that none of these previous conjunctions produced the predicted effects, therefore future alignments will not either. Our civilization certainly wasn't destroyed in 1861 when the planets were grouped much more closely than they will be in 2000.