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On Jan 15, 1998 ZetaTalk stated that Illness will increase as the 12th Planet approaches. On Feb 2, 2000 a Washington report confirmed this increase, and published Concerns were subsequently reported.

Diseases From Around World Threatening U.S.
, Feb 2, 2000

A U.S. intelligence report is warning Americans that they are under growing threat from infectious diseases brewing in the rest of the world. "Senior policymakers are becoming increasingly concerned about the implications of growing infectious disease threats for U.S. citizens at home and abroad, for U.S. armed forces deployed overseas," John Gannon, chairman of the National Intelligence Council, said on Tuesday. He released a new National Intelligence Estimate report, "The Global Infectious Disease Threat and Its Implications for the United States," at a symposium at the Smithsonian Institution. Asia was likely to see a major increase in infectious disease deaths driven by the spread of HIV and AIDS, replacing Africa as the epicenter of the disease before 2015, he said.

30 New Diseases Make Global Debut
At least 30 previously unknown diseases have appeared globally since 1973, including HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis C, Ebola haemorrhagic fever and the encephalitis-related Nipah virus that emerged in Indonesia last year, Gannon said. "Many are still incurable," he added. Twenty well-known infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, malaria, and cholera have re-emerged or spread since 1973, some reappearing in "deadlier, drug-resistant forms," Gannon said. Americans were at risk because the United States was a major hub of global travel, immigration and commerce and had a large civilian and military presence overseas, the report said. Infectious diseases killed at least 170,000 Americans a year and were "likely to continue to account for more military hospital admissions than battlefield injuries," the report said. At highest risk will be U.S. military forces deployed in humanitarian or peacekeeping operations in developing countries, the report said.