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Prior to July, 1995 ZetaTalk stated that the Great Pyramids were constructed as navigational devices, with long tunnels ending in interior Chambers as sighting devices. These Zeta statements are in line with recent research.

The Orion Mystery, AA&ES site dedicated to the ideas of Robert Bauval:
Author of The Orion Mystery, published Jan. 1995

Over the past 200 years great advances have been made in our understanding of ancient Egyptian culture. From knowing virtually nothing we have now reached a stage where we are able to translate directly from hieroglyphs. But many mysteries remain largely unsolved:

For many years classical Egyptologists maintained that the Pyramids were merely grandiose tombs to commemorate dead Pharoahs, built by slave labour and laid out in a relatively unstructured manner. However, recent work by Robert Bauval has shed an intriguing new light on the issue. He realized that the relative sizes, and detailed positioning of, the Giza pyramids were a faithful mimicry of the stars forming the 'belt' in the constellation of Orion. In addition, it transpired that the supposed 'air shafts' in the pyramids actually pointed directly towards Orion, apparently with the aim of projecting the soul of the deceased king out towards the constellation. These discoveries alone re-wrote our understanding of the motivations for building the pyramids and the state of technological advance of the ancient culture. But the plot continues to thicken with a robotic camera sent into the shafts recently enabling the discovery of a door to a previously unknown secret chamber deep within the structure. Rumours abound that imminent discoveries may even more radically change our perception of ancient civilisation...