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Prior to July, 1995 ZetaTalk stated that JFK was Assassinated because he was going to tell the public about UFO's and the alien presence. In May and June, 2000 an interview with Jim Marrs was published, supporting this and referring to Memos supporting these Zeta statements.

Jim Marrs On JFK Assassination
Extracted from X Factor magazine (UK), No 85, May 2000

What do you make of the theory that Kennedy was assassinated because he intended to release information on the UFO phenomenon?

I have come across a lot of evidence to support this. For example, there is a 1962 CIA document that records the contents of a wire-tapped conversation between Marilyn Monroe and Hollywood reporter Dorothy Kilgallen two days before Monroe died. During the call, Monroe tells Kilgallen that JFK had told her of his visit to a secret air base where he viewed things from outer space. Kilgallen believed this was connected with the Roswell crash. Certainly, an FBI document of July 1947 confirms that Kennedy knew about Roswell. Additionally, Bill Holden, it steward on board Air Fore one, reported a conversation that he had with Kennedy in 1963, in which he asked the President what he thought about UFOs. Kennedy became very serious and replied `I would like to tell the public about the UFO situation, but my hands are tied.' However, there is evidence that, on 12 November 1963, Kennedy ordered the CIA to hand over all UFO documents to the White House, and this was two weeks before he was shot.

Jim Marrs is one of the US's foremost investigative journalists. Probably best known for his ground-breaking research into the Kennedy assassination, his best-selling book Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy formed the basis of director Oliver Stone's film JFK. More recently, Marrs has turned his attention to the UFO phenomenon, leading, in 1997, to the publication of his book Alien Agenda, a thorough journalistic investigation into the subject, which has been hailed as one of the most balanced and well-documented books of its kind. His latest book, Rule By Secrecy, explores the possibility that global politics is controlled by shadowy elites operating from within secret societies, and whose origins, dating back to the first civilizations, may be influenced by extraterrestrials.