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In June, 1997 ZetaTalk stated that the tale of the Ummo contact was not a true tale. Strange Magazine agrees!

The UMMO Experience: Are you experienced?
By Scott Corrales, STRANGEmagazineWEB

UMMO - a name to bewilder researchers with, yet one that delights the true believers. The full panoply of Ummite madness was never unleashed upon the United States, nor indeed the English-speaking world. The putative race of space-farers from the star Wolf 424 was partial to France and Spain, and its network of informants destined the bulk of its reports to recipients in these countries. One researcher has gone as far as to describe the whole UMMO experience as "Star Trek made flesh," a phrase which elegantly summarizes the legacy of millions of words left to us by visitors from another star system. Before the reader gets too excited, it is necessary to observe that like Star Trek, UMMO was merely a work of fiction (a much kinder description than merely branding it a hoax). The incredible mythos spun out by Spanish psychologist Jose Luis Jordan Pena had consequences that went far beyond any hoaxer's expectations.