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As I continue my reseach, I find more names/sources. All should find this book very palatable - When the Comet Runs by Tom Kay. It’s packed full of prophets. From page 27 here are a couple lines out of the book.

The major earth changes will be initiated by what I will call the "fiery messenger". There is even now a star of great power proceeding towards our solar body. As it passes it will effect the motions of all the planets of our system, therefore, will bring about changes on the surface of the planets themselves. the effect of the passage will be to set in motion the earth changes that are prophesied. Various lands will sink, others will rise. So I say to you now, as I said to you five years ago, that these earth changes are coming. They cannot be avoided. they are part of the destiny of the earth.

Apparently this is part of a speach given to an intuative named David Jevons by his Ramala master at the request of his students in the late 1970s in Great Britain.

Offered by Mark.