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Bakun Analysis

If you know about Mayans, the year 0 is -3122. For most of the people this is -3114, but with the Jesus birth problem, I think this -3122. For the value of the "Baktun", this is 144000, "Katun" 7200, "Tun" 360, "Uinal" 20 and "Kin" 1. If you use (Mayan great cycle), that means: 13 * 144000 (first number in the sequence is Baktun) you obtain: 1 872 000 days for the great cycle, but this a Mayan days count. If you convert this number for our number of days in a year: 1 872 000 / 365,2421896698 you get 5125.36... years. So -3122 + 5125.36... equal to 2003. Moreover, if you convert with 364.583333333333 days, this number of days obtain by 9 450 000 / 25920 (I don't know the term in english, but in french this "Précession des Équinoxes", the great cycle of earth around the Poles) you get 5134 years: -3122 + 5134 = 2012. 2012 is the end of the Mayan calendar in most of the books...

Offered by Svarun.

Mayan Sequences# of daysEqual toAnnées à utilisées:360.000000000Ancient Base
Baktun144000400 Tun364.583333333Precessionnal Calculation
Katun720020 Tun365.242189669Today
Tun3601 year360Mayan
Uinal201 month
kin11 day
Enter a Date:Mayan year 0:-3122
Total of days:1,872,000.00
Total of years:5200Ancient yearsAnnée Finale:20782012/01/01
5134.62857142858Precesionnals years2012.628571229.16666672012/08/17
5125.366271874normal years2003.366272133.77794232003/01/01
5200Mayans years20782003/05/14
Enter number of days2,268,000,000Transformation Days/TzolkinNb. De précessions 240
15,750.00Baktund'équinoxes dans ce
315,000.00Katunnombre de jours:
6,300,000.00Tun(9 450 000 jours)